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MiniSting Memory Earth Resistivity and IP Meter

The urge to explore is a common feeling in a lot of people, regardless of their career. curiosity is a natural facet of human nature. Even a lot of animals are inherently curious of their surroundings, though they tend to have an instinct that prevents them from putting themselves in immediate danger. Humans have been known to bypass this instinct in favor of the pursuit of knowledge.

Excavating is one such activity that can actually be more dangerous than most people think about. Whenever you set out to dig a large expanse of ground, it's always important to be aware of your surroundings. Cave-ins can result in severe injury, and you never know what may be uncovered.

It may seem like a rather disappointing journey, if you set out to dig and find nothing. However, there are highly sophisticated tools available that will give you an edge and sense of understanding of the ground beneath your feet. The AIG resistivity method employs the use of electrical currents that travel through the ground and bounce back. It works on a basis similar to echo-location, and you'll soon find that it comes in handy for many different digging projects.

The data relays back in the form of graph that pinpoints what kind of substances are located and how far underground they are. It may not provide a photograph of what's down there, but it certainly paints a picture that's vivid enough for anyone on an excavation project. It's a machine that's well worth the investment.
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